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As ‘Gone with the Wind’ turns 75, examining the Jewish influence on an epic film
The 75th anniversary of the premiere of “Gone with the Wind” on Dec. 15 presents an opportunity to examine the Jewish influence on one of the most popular films of all time. That influence starts w...
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At 98, Kirk Douglas finds his poetic muse
LOS ANGELES — Kirk Douglas, born Issur Danielovitch, the son of an immigrant Russian Jewish ragman, marked his 98th birthday on Dec. 9 by launching his 11th book. The legendary star of 87 movies (w...
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‘Sheriff of Mars’ unveils endearing life of Jewish music star hidden in the fields of France
It was an era of steel strings, guitar heroes and storytellers — high on heroin, rebellious. Outlaw country music, the hallmark of Nashville’s powerful and angry music scene of the 1970s, was the b...
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Chanukah menorahs of Israel shed light on Jewish people’s past, present, future
As winter arrives and the days grow shorter, outdoor lighting is needed more during the Chanukah season than at any other time of year. This need is taken particularly seriously in Israel, where ou...
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Jewish efforts around the G-20: Iran, poverty and Darfur
by Eric Lidji
Associate Editor
Oct 01, 2009 | 0 0 comments | 19 19 recommendations | email to a friend
The G-20 Summit came through Pittsburgh last week, drawing involvement from local and national Jewish groups on several issues, and leaving the local Jewish community unharmed. And while the summit...
Israel sees international court intervention as unlikely
by Uriel Heilman
Sep 24, 2009 | 0 0 comments | 15 15 recommendations | email to a friend
NEW YORK — So far, the U.N. fact-finding mission into last January’s war in Gaza has spawned a 574-page report faulting Israel for war crimes, op-eds calling on foreign governments to hold Israel a...
U.S. pledges to quash Goldstone report
by JTA
Sep 24, 2009 | 0 0 comments | 16 16 recommendations | email to a friend
WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration will not allow the Goldstone report recommendations on Israel's conduct in the Gaza war to reach the International Criminal Court. A top White House official ...
Marty Allen returns to Allderdice for Hall of Fame induction
by Angela Leibowicz
Community Editor
Sep 23, 2009 | 1 1 comments | 13 13 recommendations | email to a friend
Forget the G-20 – you won’t even get close. Check out the A-6 instead. Pittsburgh Allderdice, formerly known as Taylor Allderdice, will induct six honorees in its inaugural Hall of Fame ceremonies,...
Shulman reveals the soul of modern architecture
by Eric Lidji
Associate Editor
Sep 23, 2009 | 0 0 comments | 15 15 recommendations | email to a friend
Viewing the photographs of Julius Shulman calls to mind the term Martin Buber coined for the early tales of the Chasidic movement: “legendary reality.” Buber called these magical stories “legendary...
Many Jews choose to be jurists in the United States
by Lee Chottiner
Executive Editor
Sep 23, 2009 | 0 0 comments | 17 17 recommendations | email to a friend
As the Jewish attorney stood in the courtroom arguing his case, he noted the time on his watch — 4 p.m. He had informed the judge that morning that he needed to be excused no later than 4 p.m. so h...
Dog, couple, terrorists intersect in hilarious read, 'Heroic Measures'
by Morton I. Teicher
For the Chronicle
Sep 23, 2009 | 0 0 comments | 12 12 recommendations | email to a friend
A well-written novel, “Heroic Measures,” by Jill Ciment, effectively combines three plot elements: a real estate transaction, a sick dog and terrorism in New York. Alex and Ruth Cohen met while the...
Once America’s mother, now forgotten, Molly Goldberg shines in new film
by Eric Lidji
Associate Editor
Sep 17, 2009 | 0 0 comments | 16 16 recommendations | email to a friend
Gertrude Berg is one of the few Jews who succeeded in the entertainment industry by playing up her Jewishness. Born Tilly Edelstein on the Lower East Side in 1898, she changed her name to Gertrude ...
From raspberries to inspiring wails: learning to blow the shofar
by Eric Lidji
Associate Editor
Sep 17, 2009 | 1 1 comments | 15 15 recommendations | email to a friend
“So far, I’ve never had anyone who can’t blow a shofar,” Rabbi Alex Greenbaum, of Beth El Congregation in the South Hills, told members of the Men’s Club gathered in the weeks before Rosh Hashana t...
Kosher status of Hillel JUC stirs questions about Vaad certification
by Toby Tabachnick
Staff Writer
Sep 17, 2009 | 0 0 comments | 33 33 recommendations | email to a friend
Students at the Hillel Jewish University Center of Pittsburgh soon will be enjoying a brand new kitchen on campus where, while baking challa and preparing Shabbat meals, they will find that kashrut...