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At CDS, all paths of Jewish living lead to diversity, comfort
Kristie Lindblom is not Jewish, but she is married to a Jewish man, and “for all intents and purposes,” she said, she is raising her children Jewish. So when it came time for Lindblom and her husba...
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Future is now: Startup puts a ‘personal assistant in your ears’
Remember “Her,” the futuristic film that follows mild-mannered Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix) and his relationship with Samantha (the voice of Scarlett Johansson), a computer operating system a...
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Ahmadiyya’s imam calls for a common ground of peace, tolerance
The Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Pittsburgh is small — there are only about 150 members — but it is focused on a mission. As it condemns radicalization and extremism committed in the name of Islam...
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Reclaiming, revisiting Jewish afterlife and why it matters
Between the world of the living and the world of the dead there is not a wall, but a window, according to Rabbi Simcha Raphael, a psychotherapist and spiritual director affiliated with the Mt. Airy...
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Netanyahu to AIPAC Conference: It’s all about Israel’s survival
WASHINGTON — The signs at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s annual Policy Conference were emblazoned with the words “This is Israel,” but the overarching message to the record-setting ...
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At last, a ‘mission-driven’ summer camp with Hillel values in mind
For years, it has been a recurring phenomenon at Hillel Academy of Pittsburgh: As summer ends and children file back to school, administrators of the Orthodox day school receive emails from several...
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Food-savvy Jewish camps move toward healthier, more nutritious options
The focus on food at Jewish camps this summer is shifting from fun to nutritious, with more and more camps directing resources to cater to the specific food requirements of individual campers with ...
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Uniformed Arabs, Israelis trade hard hits … but the goal is brotherhood
Fists pounded and sharp blades screeched as Arabs and Jews gave chase. They yelled, pointed fingers and took turns taking shot after shot. An hour into battle, the uniform-clad warriors ceased thei...
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A list of events for your Purim enjoyment
Get out your costumes and bring your appetites, because Purim arrives next week. Preceded by the Fast of Esther on Wednesday, the hamantashen-filled holiday begins Wednesday night. The Chronicle ha...
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Here’s one high-flying nonprofit that’s definitely gone to the dogs
by Bee Schindler, Chronicle Correspondent
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Up above the clouds in a small airline carrier, a voice breaks up the sounds from the engine. “Animal rescue team flight No. 920,” an air traffic controller announced over a two-way radio. Another ...
FIDF makes heartfelt pitch to gather support in Pittsburgh
by Adam Reinherz, Chronicle Correspondent
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Seeking to expand its reach to the Steel City, Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) brought its message of aiding Israeli soldiers and veterans to a 30-strong group in Squirrel Hill last wee...
Jewish women persevere behind the camera
by Michael Fox
Jan 15, 2015 | 1 1 comments | 130 130 recommendations | email to a friend
Surpassing $3 million in box office receipts, writer-director Gillian Robespierre’s feature debut “Obvious Child” was one of the surprise indie hits of last year. Not bad for a low-budget movie abo...
I.B. Singer’s sister a literary power in her own right
by Hilary Daninhirsch, Chronicle Correspondent
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The English-speaking world for many years was deprived of the writings of Esther Singer Kreitman, who was forced into the shadows of invisibility based primarily on her gender. In fact, Kreitman wa...
Foreign author shares familiar tales of daring and reflection
by Adam Reinherz, Chronicle Correspondent
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In a decorated home nestled between Squirrel Hill and Oakland, 20 people gathered to hear Howard Goldenberg, an Australian doctor, author and marathoner, share familial anecdotes alongside excerpts...
Holocaust Center director resigns, takes animal welfare position
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Joy Braunstein is pursuing greener pastures. Within days, Braunstein will officially resign as director of the Holocaust Center of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh and become executive d...
Metro Briefs January 15
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Ronna Harris Askin is the new executive director of the Jewish Assistance Fund. She replaces retiring executive director Ellen Primis, who shaped the organization as its first executive director. P...
Veteran Jewish bowlers keep on rollin’
by Adam Reinherz, Chronicle Correspondent
Jan 14, 2015 | 0 0 comments | 122 122 recommendations | email to a friend
In Harmarville on Wednesday nights, a group of Jewish men bowl. For many of them, this has been common practice for well over three decades. Mike Samuels started bowling with the group 43 years ago...
Birthright a soul-stirring experience for local youth leader
by Simone Shapiro, Chronicle Correspondent
Jan 14, 2015 | 0 0 comments | 109 109 recommendations | email to a friend
Judaism had never played a large role in Mike Feinberg’s life, but after finishing his master’s degree in employment and labor relations, he started doing some soul-searching. He had always loved t...
Metro Briefs January 8
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Temple Emanuel of South Hills has hired Leslie Hoffman as its new executive director. Hoffman fills the position formerly held by Saralouise Reis, who passed away in August. Interim executive direc...