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Indian-American student becomes pro-Israel symbol for trying to stay neutral
When Milan Chatterjee arrived at UCLA’s law school in 2014, Middle East politics wasn’t one of his core interests. He describes himself as an Indian American interested in corporate law who has str...
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Globe Briefs September 23
British gov’t minister warns municipal councils considering Israel boycott A British Cabinet minister threatened to take investment decisions away from municipal councils if they choose to boycott ...
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Obama’s $38B aid package to Israel comes with caveats: It’s generous, but on his terms
WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s near parting gift to Israel, a guarantee of $38 billion in defense assistance over a decade, distills into a single document what he’s been saying throughout e...
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Israel’s World Baseball Classic team expects to feel at home playing in Brooklyn
What is likely the strongest squad of Jewish players ever assembled figures to have a home-field advantage, too, as Team Israel aims to reach the next round of the World Baseball Classic. The club’...
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Globe Briefs September 16
184 U.S. synagogues pledge to welcome, support refugees Some 184 Jewish congregations and communities in the U.S. signed a pledge of support for refugees, promising to take action to help those see...
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As Chabad grows in Africa, hardy rabbis encounter crime and spirituality
Rabbi Shmuel Notik was on his way to blow the shofar on a Friday evening in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi when six men armed with knives intercepted him on a dark street. Notik — a follower of the ...
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Donkey redemption a rare ritual in Judaism
CHERRY HILL, N.J. — The Torah is specific when it describes what a Jew should do about his first fruits, his first harvest and his first-born male children. Is it any wonder that it is equally prec...
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Poll: Israeli Jews favor Hillary, but say Trump is better for Israel ‘policy’
JERUSALEM — Most Israeli Jews would prefer Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump as the next president of the United States — even though more of them think Trump would be better for the “Israeli gover...
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Muslims look to Jewish example in campaigning for school days off
NEW YORK — When Jessica Abdelnabbi-Berrocal wanted her local public schools in Jersey City, N.J., to close for the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha in September, she looked to her Jewish heritage. Th...
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Globe Briefs September 9
Defense minister: Israel to follow court order to demolish Amona settlement Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said the Jewish state will raze the West Bank settlement of Amona by the Dec. 2...
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Bernie Sanders’ new movement endorses candidates with a range of Israel views
WASHINGTON — A Florida state senator caught up in a boycott-Israel controversy. A Wisconsin state representative who combated anti-Israel bias on his campus. The diversity of Israel-related outlook...
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Why do Florida’s Orthodox Jews support Trump? Because they fear Clinton
NEW YORK — Rebecca Raab was shopping recently in a South Florida Costco, wearing the trademark Orthodox outfit of a long skirt and baseball cap, when an employee waved to her and said “Shalom! We’r...
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Anti-immigrant and white supremacist, maybe. But is the alt-right anti-Semitic?
WASHINGTON — Can you go alt-right without going anti-Semitic? The movement that has emerged from conservatism — and in some ways has turned against it — appears to be nudging its way into the Ameri...
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The third Temple is coming to your Facebook feed
by Andrew Tobin, JTA
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JERUSALEM — “It’s time to build,” reads the tagline of the Temple Institute’s latest YouTube video. The phrase encapsulates the group’s controversial mission to rally Jews to reconstruct the Temple...
Belgian high school ‘proud’ of teacher honored at Iran’s Holocaust cartoon show
by Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA
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Faculty at a Catholic high school in Belgium said they were proud of a senior teacher who won an award and a cash prize at Iran’s controversial cartoon contest about the Holocaust. Luc Descheemaeke...
Hacked George Soros documents detail plans to fight Israel’s ‘racist’ policies
by Ron Kampeas, JTA
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WASHINGTON — Hacked emails show that the Open Society Foundations led by Jewish billionaire George Soros have as an objective “challenging Israel’s racist and anti-democratic policies” in internati...
San Miguel de Allende plays host to CHESMA, a group catering to expat Jews and conversos
by Carol Saline, Special to The Chronicle
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It’s a warm Friday evening in San Miguel de Allende, an historic colonial town about four hours north of Mexico City that’s become a popular destination for American and Canadian ex-pats and touris...
Globe Briefs August 11
by JTA reports
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Boston protestors call on community relations group to retract criticism of Black Lives Matter platform A group of activists demanded the Boston Jewish Community Relations Council retract its recen...
To name or not to name: Jewish organizations grapple with the Trump question
by Ron Kampeas, JTA
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WASHINGTON — “This condemnation is against you personally,” the Jewish War Veterans said earlier this week, concluding its message to Donald Trump. “You, Mr. Trump, deserve our contempt.” If the si...
Raising Christian money for Jewish causes, a star rabbi earns praise and scorn
by Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA
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PARIS — The summer drizzle that soaked the French capital did little to dampen Yechiel Eckstein’s enthusiasm as he arrived recently with his wife Joelle at the city’s Great Synagogue for a private ...
Not just anti-Semitism: ADL boss seeks to broaden group’s reach
by Ben Sales, JTA
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NEW YORK — For more than a century, the Anti-Defamation League has been known as a group that combats anti-Semitism. But one year after taking the group’s helm, Jonathan Greenblatt wants it to focu...
Venice welcomes back Shylock in marking its Jewish history
by Ruth Ellen Gruber, JTA
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VENICE, Italy — Two weeks ago, an international, multilingual cast performed Shakespeare’s controversial play “The Merchant of Venice” in the secluded main plaza of the city’s historic Jewish Ghett...
JStreet met by supporters and protest at the DNC
by Liz Spikol, Special to The Chronicle
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PHILADELPHIA — It was a star-studded evening at the National Museum of American Jewish History July 27, at least in terms of Democratic National Convention star-power. The self-described “pro-Israe...